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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy specifies the rules of storage and access to information brought into the public in forms and User’s devices by means of Cookies files, serving the purpose of performing electronic services demanded by the User – The Artistic Group The Video Community. If you do not agree with Privacy Policy, please do not visit the website.

I. Definitions

1. Administrator – The Artistic Group The Video Community which provides electronic services, stores and gains access to the information on the User’s devices.

2. Cookies – computer data, particularly short text files, saved and stored on devices through which the User uses the Website.

3. Website – a website at the domain www.thevideocommunity.com that is run by the Administrator.

4. Device- a device which the User uses to access the website.

5. User- an entity for whom, according to the Legal Provisions the electronic services may be provided and/or with whom and Agreement for the provision of electronic services may be concluded.

II. Cookies

1. The Website does not gather data in an automatic way except for the information contained in the Cookies files.

Cookies files are used in order to:

a. Adapt the content of the Website to the User’s preference and optimize the usage of the Website; the files enable: recognition of the device and language which the User of the Website prefers, a proper screening of the Website adjusted to their personal requirements;
b. Create statistics that help us understand how the Users use the Website, which allows us improve its structure and contents;
c. Maintain the session of the User thanks to which the User does not have to choose the preferred language when entering each subsection;

2. Within the Website’s confines two fundamental types of Cookies are used: session Cookies and persistent Cookies. Session Cookies are temporary files which are stored on the final device of the User until their sing out, leave the Website or close the search engine down. Persistent Cookies are stored on the final device of the User for a specific amount of time given in the parameters of Cookies files or until they are deleted by the User.

3. The following types of Cookies are used by the Website:

a. Efficient Cookies which enable collecting information about the ways of using the Website;
b. Functional Cookies which enable memorizing the settings chosen by the User and personalization of the User’s interface, i.e.: in terms of the chosen language or region from which the User comes from;

4. The Administrator of the service uses external Cookies files with the following aims:

a. Presenting multimedia content on the Website downloaded from the external website: www.vimeo.com (administrator Cookies: Vimeo, LLC with the headquarters in the USA);
b. Gathering general and anonymous statistic data by means of analytic devices: Google Analytics (administrator Cookies: Google Inc. with the headquarter in Warsaw), Stat24 (administrator Cookies: Redefine Sp. Z o. o. with the headquarters in Warsaw);
c. Using the interactive functions in order to popularize the Website by means of social networks: facebook.com (administrator with the headquarters in the USA);

5. In many cases the software used to browse websites (search engines) allows storage of Cookies files on the User’s final device by default. Users of the Website might make changes to the Cookies files’ settings whenever they want to. The settings can be changed particularly in a way that they block automatic operating of Cookies in settings of the search engine used or inform about each of their publishing on the User’s device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of operating Cookies files are available at the settings of the software (search engine).

6. The Administrator informs, that the constraints of the usage of Cookies files may influence some of the functions available on the Website.

III. Data in forms

1. The Website gathers data provided by the User voluntarily.

2. Data in the form is not made accessible to third parties in another way than by courtesy of the User.

3. Data provided in the form is processed within confines of specific function of the form, i.e.: in order to apply for the contest.

4. Personal data base in the admission form for the contest is a temporary base, which results from the technical necessities of carrying out the contest - when the contest is finished ,the data base will be deleted.

IV. Making data available

1. Data is not available to third parties except for the situation in which the User is informed about it and agrees for it.

2. Data which allows identification of the legal person is only made accessible to the very same legal person by her courtesy.

3. The Operator might have a duty of giving the information gathered on the Website to the entitled authorities on basis of legal demand and to extent resulting from the demand.