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The official language for all International Video Art Review THE 02 activities and correspondence is English.


Due to the large number of submissions for the competition organizer, in agreement with the jury, decided to show 3 videos more than planned.

Yiftach Belsky (Israel), FRANKENSTEIN, 05:21, 2013
Johannes Gierlinger (Austria), 2012, 02:21, 2013
Sean Hart (France), PRAISES, 12:46, 2013
Basir Mahmood (Pakistan), THANK YOU FOR COMING, 06:35, 2013
Djamo Daniel Nicolae (Romania), BIRDS, 07:32, 2014
NoiSeGrUp (Italy), L’EUROPE, 03:30, 2013
Alexander Pawlik (Poland/USA), NATURE OF HELL, 03:50, 2014
Amapola Prada (Peru), STRUGGLE, 03:01, 2011
Anna Raczyński, Michalina Mistrzak (Great Britain/Poland), 66 KM FROM THE WORLD’S LARGEST JESUS, 11:48, 2013
Dominik Ritszel (Poland), MY MAN, 06:38, 2012
Julia Weißenberg (Germany), SNOWSTORM, 11:47, 2012
Fabian Wigren (Sweden), AN ATTEMPT TO BE SINCERE, 03:23, 2013
Lu Yang (China), THE BEAST, 06:18, 2012

Summary: 656 submissions from artists from 53 countries were received for the second edition of the International Video Art Review THE 02.

The Competition for Young Artists is being held within the framework of the International Video Art Review THE 02. The review consists of 2 main parts, a special show of video works by invited artists and a competition show of video works that have been admitted to the final of the aforementioned competition. In order to take part in the competition, artists should submit a stage I application form, available on the website, by 1 March 2014. At the stage II, 10 chosen artists will be invited to the final presentation. The 10 selected videos by different authors will be presented to the audience of the International Video Art Review THE 02, the program of which includes a premiere screening in Krakow, screenings in other towns in Poland and on TVP Kultura television channel. The appointed jury will award first prize for the best video; however, it is a competition without financial rewards. There is no submission fee.